Plant List

cZinc Diecasting

1 x No 8 EMB with shot weight 0.6kg
1 x Frech DAW 80E with shot weight 2.2kg.



pressure-diecastAluminium Diecasting

2 Buhler H-160 B  shot weight 3.5kg
2 Buhler H-250 B  shot weight 4.5kg
1 Frech DAK 350-40 shot weight 8kg
1 Frech DAK 450-54 shot weight 10.5kg
1 IDRA 630 shot weight 12.5kg.
1 Buhler H-1100-B-DC shot weight 28kg

All the Diecasting cells  have fully automatic systems complete with gas fired melting and holding furnaces, automatic ladling, die lubricant and extraction devices.
The Frech 350 & 450 and the IDRA all have automatic spray motion 2 axis lubrication units.

GravityGravity Diecasting

All material variations possible
2 x 300Kg gas Fired Holding Furnaces
Sort & Long Run Die Sets
Rack & Pinion
Powered Hydraulic Cylinder Pack


 Injection Moulding Equipment

GW-SP 50 Tonne
GW-SP 130 Tonne
STORK   ST1600 330 Tonne


 CNC Machinery

HAAS ST-20T CNC Vertical  Lathe with Tailstock
Topper TMV-1050A Vertical Machining Centre, Fanuc OiM
Argo A-56 Vertical Machining Centre
Bridgeport EZ-Path CNC lathe
3 X Bridgeport CNC Machining Centre
XYZ CNC lathe.
KRV 3000 CNC Machining Centre.
HAAS VF4 Veretical Machining Centre -Fanuc Control  X 1270   Y508    Z635









 Conventional Machining Plant

1 x Slack & Parr – Horizontal 8 Way Quick Tap
3 x Slack & Parr – Horizontal 5 way Quick Tap
1 x RJA Horizontal Linishing Machine
3 x RJA Vertical Linishing Machines
8 x FOBCO Cap drilling Machine
1 x Vertical Meddings 4 Spindle Drilling Machine
1 x Pollard Corona Twin Spindle HS Vertical Drilling Machine
1 x Elliott Long Reach Pillar Drill
1 x Boxford drilling & Tapping Machine
1 x Acton Vibrota Finishing Machine
1 x Maze Acton Vibrota Drying Machine
4 x Clipping Presses 16T Hare press